Info Groupe

Group :

A group consists of minimum 10 people children or adults. The groups of children of 3 and less years old do not benefit from the free access, the child rate is applicable.

Nurseries are considered as school. The children of 3 and less years old pay the child rate.

Free Access :

The guide as well as the coach driver can embark aboard the mini-train without limitation of the passengers number.

Payement :
Are accepted: credit cards Visa, American Express, Dinners, Eurocard, MasterCard, JCB,Cash

Maximum passengers number by mini-train :
Adult between 45 and 60 by mini-train.
Children between 60 and 90 by mini-train.

En principe il est plus facile de faire les réservations selon l’horaire en vigueur mais sur demande spéciale et selon disponibilités il peux être fait à la demande.

It’s easier to book according to the current schedule but on request special and according to availabitities.